Current Openings

Software Developer (Mid-Level)

Looking to get in on the ground floor of an emerging & innovative high-tech company in Portland Oregon? 

SnowShoe is an innovative, high-tech company located in Portland. SnowShoe is uniquely focused on mobile authentication utilizing capacitive touch stamps. We are revolutionizing the way mobile tickets, vouchers, and loyalty points are validated at the point of presence – where digital meets the real world.

SnowShoe is looking for a mid-level Software Developer to assist our team in building new features and enhancements in our client web portal, APIs, and the software that drives our factory fulfillment processes.


  • Work with a team, contributing to discussion and communicating ideas, while also able to work independently

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Be able to take a design from mockups to production

  • Passionate about improving software through constant iteration

  • Take ownership of your tasks and see them through to completion

  • Participate in daily team standup meetings and planning meetings at the start of every sprint

Required Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 2+ years experience in software development and SaaS solutions

  • Proficiency with C#

  • Understanding of web and API development

  • Experience with relational databases, preferably SQL Server or Azure SQL

  • ORM experience, preferably Entity Framework

  • Experience with and understanding of various NoSQL strategies

  • Comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Razor syntax

  • Security oriented mindset towards development

  • Writing unit testable code and tests

  • Proficiency with Git in a team environment, able to deal with merging code

Preferred Competences

  • Experience with .NET Core, Docker, and command line scripting

  • Understanding of cloud hosting solutions, preferably Azure, and how to build resilient and distributed cloud applications

  • Familiarity with Raspberry Pi