What is a SnowShoe Stamp?

SnowShoe stamps are uniquely identified by smart devices with capacitive touch.
With them, you can verify a purchase, distribute exclusive music or video content, opt into a marketing campaign, confirm a user’s identity, and more.


ShowShoe’s Capacitive Touch Stamp

ShowShoe’s Capacitive Touch Stamp


100% trackable
Stamps are uniquely identifiable, making tracking users, redemptions and engagement easier than ever.

Works on iOS + Android
Stamps work on both iOS and Android devices, in mobile websites and native applications.

Magical experience
Deliver new experiences to your customer that they will actually enjoy.

How it Works
Stamps work using the capacitance of your body and touchscreen. When a stamp comes into full contact with the screen, the mobile device sees "5-fingers" in a very specific pattern. We use this pattern to authenticate which stamp is in-use, and then return this info to you. At that point, you make the magic happen!

Because your body is an electrical conductor, providing much of the energy for the interaction, it's important that you hold the phone while stamping for best results.

And SnowShoe software is easy to integrate. We love easy-to-implement, well documented API's. Our aim is to provided you concise, relevant documentation to get you and your team up and stamping with SnowShoe with as little effort as possible.

We would love to hear from you. Please send any comments, suggestions or Portland food recommendations to info@snowshoestamp.com